About Denmac


Specialists in the custom application of specialty coatings, Denmac Industries offers you complete capability for your coating requirements.  Coatings from Denmac Industries can improve appearance and give special characteristics such as anti-stick, chemical and corrosion resistance, dielectric and chemical insulation, dry lubrication, exceptional durability, abrasion, heat resistance, and many others.

Denmac coating service is complete.  Services range from development and prototype assignments to long run production, coating of a vast variety of parts, both large and small.  One of the most experienced and progressive firms in the field, Denmac has earned a well deserved reputation of highest quality, workmanship, and fast, dependable service.

Denmac serves an impressive number of industrial and commercial accounts in the automotive, aircraft, aerospace, chemical, furniture, recreation, cookware, metal fabrication, petroleum, material handling, construction, heating, food service, water treatment, and numerous other industries.

Modern production, material handling, and inspection equipment are utilized throughout the plant which include conveyorized baking ovens, an index oven, large batch ovens, electrostatic and conventional dispersion spray equipment, electrostatic powder spray equipment and automatic guns, a fluidized bed process, controlled PVC DIP equipment, complete sandblast room and related equipment, fork lifts for shipping and receiving, plus many other special equipment items designed for improved service and efficient production.

Offering highest quality and production uniformity, unmatched response and turn-around time, and complete pricing, Denmac Industries is eagerly seeking new challenges in specialty coating applications.  We welcome your inquires regarding our service, facilities, and capabilities.  Our experienced sales engineers are immediately available to review your coating opportunities and to provide effective, economical solutions.  Whenever you need specialty coatings, look first to Denmac Industries for complete, in-depth service and highest quality production.