Epoxy Coating


Epoxy powder coating is a thermosetting material, applied by electrostatic spray, fluidized bed, and hot flocking.  It offers the best chemical and corrosion resistance.  It is used in the coating of gas and oil pipe, which are buried and cathodically protected against underground galvanic corrosion.

Fluid Bed Epoxy Coating

Epoxy provides excellent protection in these environments but have other limitations, primarily its poor resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.  When exposed to sunlight or other UV radiation, it “chalks”.  This is a milky or chalky surface condition, which in many cases can be removed by washing or polishing. It reforms rapidly, however, and presents an aesthetic problem.

Epoxy powders are also designed to serve as decorative as well as functional coatings with a wide variety of colors.

Epoxy powder applied cold by electrostatic spray produce thin films of 1 to 4 mils.  Thick films of 10 to 20 mils can be achieved by heating the part to be coated and fluid bed coat (dip), hot flock spray, or electrostatic spray.

Other typical applications include automotive accessories and underbody, metal cabinetry, power tools, sports equipment, electrical apparatus and framework, light fixtures, indoor furniture, metal shelving, and wire goods.