Lighting Fixture

This outdoor lighting fixture is powder coated tough at Denmac Industries. .

Bus Stop Shelter

Denmac Industries received an order for 104 bus stop shelters for the City of Lancaster. We are ready to go!!!!  

Powder Coating Over Chrome

Question: Can you powder coat over chrome. If so, how do you prepare the surface? Answer courtesy of Powder Coating Magazine. Answer: Yes you can powder coat over chrome plating, but there is no way to prepare the chrome, from a practical perspective, other than degrease and rinse in a high quality water source such as deionized (DI) or reverse … Read More

Powder Coating Over Laser Cut Metal

One of the questions we get asked is “How do you prepare parts after they are laser cut”.  The answer below is courtesy of The Powder Coating Magazine:   Question: How do you prepare parts after they are laser cut? Answer: Laser cut part have a carbon deposit on the edge that must be removed. Iron phosphate and degreaser don’t … Read More