PFA Teflon Coating

Teflon coatings at Denmac Industries can be masked with precision to provide the coating required for precise requirements such as this aerospace application.

Denmac Industries

Welcome to Denmac Industries. We are a plastic coating applicator.

Powder Coated Tough

Denmac Industries powder coating the front bumper of the Yamaha Grizzly with a durable polyester powder coating. Polyester powder coatings exhibit excellent flexibility and durability with very good outdoor (UV) resistance. They represent approximately 50% of all powders used in North America today. Polyester provides smooth, thin coatings in a full range of glosses, from very high gloss (90%) to … Read More

Fluid Bed Vinyl Coating at Denmac Industries

Vinyl Coating Denmac Industries has the capability to vinyl coat any metal item that needs permanent vinyl coating. We stock many different types and colors of vinyl, for a variety of finishes from soft and foamy, to textured and ergonomic. Vinyl is commonly used for grips, such as hand tools, fry baskets, and other hand held products. When the vinyl … Read More

Cerakote High Temp Coatings

Coating a fixture for Virgin Galactic with a high temp Cerakote material that will withstand 1000f+ temps                

Powder Coating Gun Safes

Powder coating closet guns safes at Denmac Industries.  We are applying a beige hammertone polyester powder coating to perfection.  

Vinyl Coating

Vinyl powder when fused, forms a smooth, glossy, resilient plastic finish.   Vinyls have excellent impact resistance. Good chemical resistance, superior color uniformity, toughness and high tear strength. They provide a non-slip, medium soft finish with good scuff resistance. Denmac has over 20 colors available in stock.

Lighting Fixture

This outdoor lighting fixture is powder coated tough at Denmac Industries. .

Bus Stop Shelter

Denmac Industries received an order for 104 bus stop shelters for the City of Lancaster. We are ready to go!!!!