Vinyl-Fluid Bed Coating

Vinyl fluid bed coating.  Denmac Industries has been a leader since 1970.  Vinyl powder is a dry free flowing specially formulated resin for application by the fluidized bed process.  When fused with the application of heat, it forms a smooth, glossy, and resilient plastic coating.  With the application of primer, vinyls display outstanding impact resistance, chemical resistance, outdoor durability, color uniformity, and toughness, developing excellent adhesion to various substrates.

The coating produces a uniform finish that is free from sag, tears, and runs in a practical range of thicknesses from 7 to 20 mils with a single application.

Vinyl coatings offer excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalies, aqueous salt solutions, alcohols, gasoline, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.  Concentration, temperature, and the nature of the chemical does have a bearing on the degree of the coating’s inertness.  Vinyl is not recommended for contact with aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, or ketones.

Vinyl coatings are not recommended for continuous use above 180 degrees Fahrenheit and preferably below 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Some intermittent use at temperatures as high as 325 degrees Fahrenheit may be tolerated in certain applications.

Powder coated vinyl films exhibit dielectric properties from 600 to more than 1000 volts per mil.

Parts properly cleaned, primered, and coated with vinyl coating have excellent salt spray resistance.  The durable finish shows little or no effect in 5000 hours of salt spray exposure; less than 1/16″ undercutting will be observed on a scored panel exposed for 2000 hours.

Typical applications for vinyl powders include dishwasher baskets, conduit, fan guards, air conditioner grills, bus bars, lawn furniture, cable trays, fence posts, shelving, and chain link fencing.